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Kindergarten - Lions Kindergarten - Lions

  • Lion Scouts: An Introduction to Scouting

    A boy or girl who is 5 years old or is in Kindergarten is a Lion, and their adventures are found in the Lion Adventure Book.

    Lion is a family-oriented program. A youth and their parent or caring adult partner join Scouting together. A group of six to eight boys or girls and their adult partners meet together in a group called a den. Dens will meet approximately twice per month. They have fun participating in den meetings and outings while making memories together.

    Scouts are recognized for their accomplishments as they work toward the Lion badge. The Lion badge is earned by completing five adventures. Adventures are completed during the den meetings and outings. When an adventure is completed, the youth receives a sticker to put in their Lion Adventure Book.

    Lion Requirements

    1. Complete each of the following Lion required adventures with your den or family:
      1. Animal Kindgom
      2. Fun on the Run
      3. King of the Jungle
      4. Lion's Honor
      5. Mountain Lion
    2. The Lion elective adventures are optional but encouraged for further fun and exploration.

    Please contact Cubmaster Martin Cortez for additional information.